Coil crimpers are usedto cut and crimp the ends of your coils

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  Overview: This new and improvedDuraCoil Plus is a manual spiral coil binding machine brake pad factory that includesseveral improvements over the original Tamerica DuraCoil.Itis a heavy duty metal binding machine with a legal sized throat, heavyduty metal construction and several pre-set disengageable dies.The Dura-Coil Plus is an excellent quality coil binding machine that is available at an excellent price point. Strengths / Features: Thismachine is made almost completely out of heavy duty steel. The base ofthe machine, the handle and all of the internal components are all madeout of metal. These metal components help to give the Duracoil plus thedurability that it needs in order remain reliable for years inside yourorganization.

The Duracoil plus is one of the least expensivelegal sized spiral coil binding machines on the market. It has afourteen inch punching throat for handling legal sized documents.However, it also has five disengageable punching dies that allow you topunch other common sizes of paper. It even has an open throat and acontinuous punching guide for handling large format documents withbinding edges that are longer than 14".The Duracoil Plus hasa manual punching mechanism that is capable of handling up to twentysheets of paper at a time.

This is a decent punching capacity for thistype of manual binding machine. Weaknesses / Limitations: TheDuracoil Plus is a strong and durable spiral coil binding machine.However, it is a completely manual system and does not include a spiralcoil inserter. This means that users who want to bind documents usingthis machine will need to spin the coils onto their documents by hand.Binding a few documents this way shouldn't be a problem. However,binding a large number of documents this way would be very timeconsuming and inefficient.This coil binding machine does notinclude a pair of spiral coil crimping pliers.

Coil crimpers are usedto cut and crimp the ends of your coils so that they don't spin offyour bound documents. Attempting to complete this process without apair of crimping pliers is difficult and it is highly recommended topurchase a pair of crimping pliers with your machine.Unlikemost binding machines that allow you to disengage punching pins bypulling out small metal knobs, the Duracoil Plus requires you to use anAllen key. This takes longer and requires you to have the right sizedtool in order to set up your machine.

Recommendation: TheTamerica Tashin DuraCoil Plus is extremely well built and is offered ata highly competitive price point considering its features.Itis ideal for small and medium sized organizations that want to bind afew dozen documents per week and is an excellent fit for companies thatneed to do legal sized coil binding on a budget. If your organizationneeds to bind large numbers of documents, you may want to consider amachine with an electric coil inserter. However, either way it isimportant not to forget to buy a pair of spiral coil crimping plierswith your machine.

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What To Look ForYou need to look for more than just a good price

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Once you've had a sewing machine for a while, you're likely to get tired of pulling it out and using it on the kitchen counter or dining room table. That's where a good sewing machine cabinet or table can be a big help. These cabinets give you a specific place to keep your machine, and keep it from getting in the way or getting buried under a lot of other things. Some of the best ones are wood, offering an elegant, old fashioned feel that goes well with home sewing. Let's take a look at your options for wood sewing machine cabinets. You'll be happy you chose one!Type Of MachineThe first thing you're going to need to look at is the type of machine you have.

Do you use a brand new, state of the art machine, or do you prefer a reliable antique Singer? That'll have a big effect on the wood sewing machine cabinets you decide to look at. After all, while you can make a brand new machine fit an old fashioned cabinet, it'll take some work. For most of us, it's worthwhile to buy a brand new cabinet that'll work with our machine, if we're using a new one.Users of older machines will need to measure their machine carefully, and find out the year and model number if they can. That'll help them get the right cabinet. The good news is that some of these cabinets can be found at yard sales, community sales, and in antique shops for a remarkably low price. Check your local classifieds.

What To Look ForYou need to look for more than just a good price and a shiny surface if you're going to be shopping for wood sewing machine cabinets. Buyers who need an antique cabinet will have to examine it carefully, and make sure that the wood isn't swollen, cracked, or warped. If there is damage (many machine cabinets have been stored in attics and basements), ask yourself if you have the time, skills, and materials to fix it. If not, walk on by.For newer cabinets, quality is still an issue. The surface will probably look a lot better than the average antique, but that doesn't mean the cabinet is well constructed.

Look for cabinets made with real wood, not veneer and particle board or MDF, and make sure that all hardware is durable and works well. A cabinet might look great on the surface, but usability and longevity are a lot more than just finish-deep.A wooden sewing machine cabinet might be just what you and your projects need. But not all cabinets are the same. Take the time to figure out what you need and what goes best with your machine, then make sure you're buying quality. If you love to sew, and are tired of inconvenience, it's time to find the right sewing cabinet for you.

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